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“Heart in Africa” is a non-profit association that supports social and sustainable projects in Africa ideally, materially and financially.

There are people behind “Heart in Africa”,
who are deeply connected to Africa and the people there. We provide targeted and sustainable help.

A matter of the heart

Our vision

According to the motto that everyone can help, Heart in Africa makes a small but valuable contribution to a better world with a lot of enthusiasm and personal commitment.

Whenever possible, we support projects that we have personally come to know on private trips to Africa and
are convinced that the donations received are fully used where help is needed.

Children's Aid

Our Team

Jürgen Anthamatten


“Every time I have to leave Africa, a part of me is left behind.”
(author unknown).

Ever since my first trip to Africa, I was fascinated and Africa never lets me go. The beauty of this continent with its incredible, diverse landscapes, the fascinating and exciting wildlife and the warm-hearted and hospitable people have become very dear to my heart. When I think about our trips to Africa so far, I am overcome with gratitude for what we have experienced and for the beautiful friendships we have already made. Thus, I will be attracted to Africa again and again in the future.

Pascale Bianchi


“I can’t remember a morning in Africa when I woke up and wasn’t happy.”
(Ernest Hemingway).

This citation describes very well my feelings when I think of Africa. Since my first trip, this continent has fascinated me and I am attracted again and again. It is probably Africa as a whole that fascinates me so much: the indescribably beautiful landscapes and vastness, the unbelievable animal world, but especially the cheerful and warm-hearted people. Many memories and contacts always bring a smile to my face and a part of my heart remains and is somehow always in Africa.

Melanie Bartels

Social Media

“Many small people, in many small places, doing many small things, can change the face of the world.” (author unknown)

Having already visited the wonderful island of Zanzibar twice with my family, it was time for me to get to know the island again from a different perspective in 2019. For one month I was allowed to work as a volunteer for a sea turtle conservation project. During my engagement, the above citation has always accompanied me. Every little contribution that each individual makes can make a big difference. I am grateful that I was able to have this experience and share it with others.

Every trip to Africa is unique and brings with it new experiences and impressions that you take home with you, along with a portion of gratitude. I look forward to the next trip with unforgettable experiences and inspiring people.

Sarah Bartels

Social Media

“Africa has its secrets and even a wise man will never understand them. But he can respect them.”(Miriam Makeba)

From my first trip to Africa, I knew that I was fascinated by the continent, the people, the animals and the culture. In Africa, every day is special and cannot be compared to the previous. I capture the countless beautiful moments with my camera and nowhere does my hobby of photography give me so much joy and fun as in Africa. But no matter how often I look at the photos afterwards, the mysteries and magic of Africa can only be felt in Africa itself.


Our statutes

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