News from Kenya – Our trip in September 2021 (with video)

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We travel to Kenya again

Our planned trip through three different African countries seemed too risky due to the ongoing pandemic. Too many border crossings, too many uncertainties, tests and forms made us cancel the planned trip. Couraged by our trouble-free trip to Kenya last February, we rebooked and spontaneously Melanie and her Tobi joined us. The required formalities have not changed so far. Even those who are vaccinated or recovered require a negative PCR test for entry and must complete a health form. All in all, no big deal and we felt safe at all times on the trip and also in Kenya.

"Happiness does not happen to you -
Happiness is found by those who seek it".

"Jo and John's Social Engagement - Malaika Camp".

Olare Owang Primary School

As on each of our private Africa trips, we wanted to take the opportunity to visit and personally meet new projects for our charity association. Our first stop led us to the Masai Mara, where we were once again guests at Jo & John’s family-run Malaika Camp. Besides their camp, the two are also very involved in social projects for the Masai population. The focus of their engagement is the Olare Owang Primary School, which we unfortunately could not visit due to floods in February. This time it has now worked out and we could get to know the project on site.

Olare Owang Primary School

Although exams were being written that day, we were taken around the entire campus and allowed to peek in everywhere. The children were very curious about us, because for some of them it was the first time they had seen and touched white skin.

We were very impressed by the visit there, especially considering that the idea and the groundwork for this project was done only in 2019. In this short time, a school building with a library has been constructed, student desks and chairs have been produced, and a well has been built (drinking water for the children).

Nevertheless, there is still much to be done and realized. ince the way to school is sometimes too far for the children (10 km and more), many of them sleep on site and can only go home on weekends. However, since there are no dormitories yet, two classrooms were converted and furnished with bunk beds. Each child brings collected firewood to school in the morning, because cooking is done for everyone on the open fire. Thus, a medium-term goal is certainly the construction of a boys/girls boarding school with a kitchen.

Our personal impression of the project was very good. The strong local connection of Jo & John from Malaika Camp ensures that all donations are used properly and sustainably.

We can very well imagine including Olare Owang Primary School among our projects in the future. The school is also supported by the German association «Education for all e.V.» with whom we will certainly be in contact in the coming weeks.

"Fear of danger is more terrifying than danger itself."

(Proverb of the Malinke (Guinea))

"Reunion is a pleasure"

Visit to the Nice View family

Since Kenya without visiting our children is unimaginable for us, we spent a few wonderful hours at Nice View Children’s Village on this trip as well.

Equipped with the now traditional ice cream and all kinds of gifts and donations for the children, we are happily greeted. The pleasure of seeing each other again is enormous on both sides and the welcome is correspondingly warm and emotional. How nice it is to see Mama Gudrun and all the bright and happy children again!

For Melanie and Tobi it is the first visit to Nice View and so we are guided by social worker Doris through the children’s village.

In the preparation of the trip we ordered all kinds of African handicrafts from Mama Gudrun for our store and our sales booths and so we are very quickly loaded with key holders and soap dishes from the carpenter’s workshop and pretty cloth bags from the tailor’s workshop. We are very happy, so our web storebecomes more and more colorful and versatile.

After a delicious lunch we enjoy a chat with Gudrun, watch the children doing their homework and play with them. Since our last visit, the Nice View family has grown by five new children, which we can now also welcome for the first time.

Time passes much too quickly and soon we have to say goodbye. At the end, the children surprised us with a fantastic drum concert and dance performances – what a joy to listen to and watch them 😊.

Dear Nice-View Family, it was so nice again with you! A very heartfelt Asanta Sana and see you next time.

On the way home we also pass by Kahindi again. He grew up in Nice View Children’s Village and now stands on his own two feet. He has turned his great talent in painting and art into a profession and now paints pictures and stings tattoos. Also this time we are happy to travel home with two fantastic pictures in our luggage. ou can find one of the new pictures in our web store, the proceeds go to the Nice View Children’s Village. The other picture pleases us privately every day and is not for sale 😊.

We also met our Kenya gardener Rama again. He has woven for us again some of the popular stars from palm leaves, a very original decoration for the window or even on a wall – not only at Christmas time. ou can now order the stars again in our web store.

"We realize how little we know when our children start asking questions."

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