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Rhinoceros sanctuary: Africa’s flagship project continues!

First sigh of relief in the rhino sanctuary

Change in the management of the protected area

In the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, the rare white rhinos – which were wiped out by poachers in Uganda in the 1980s – have been reintroduced to a 70 km2 protected area since 2005.

In mid-April this year, the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary was closed by the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) after a long-simmering dispute between Rhino Fund Uganda (the previous management of the sanctuary) and the owner of the sanctuary’s land escalated. Africa’s showcase project for combining nature and species conservation with ecotourism was on the brink of extinction!

Almost 2 months later, we receive the positive news that the protected area is going ahead after all. Now, the Uganda Wildlife Authority will manage the rhino sanctuary in cooperation with Ziwa Rhino and Wildlife Ranches (the owner of the land). Rhino Fund Uganda, which had managed the reserve for more than 20 years, has left the reserve.

20 of the previous rangers have now been employed by the new administration and we hope there will be more. Having closely accompanied the rhinos for fifteen years, the rangers know their charges and the work is characterised by deep familiarity and mutual respect.

All 33 rhinos are well and we hope that the new management under the care of the Uganda Wildlife Authority will continue the conservation and breeding project in a sustainable, community-based and passionate way. We will certainly follow the further development of the project closely and keep you up to date.

Rhinoceros sanctuary

Since 10 June 2021, the protected area has also been open to tourists again. “Herz in Afrika (Heart in Africa)” personally visited the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary in 2017 – an unforgettable experience. We can highly recommend a visit to everyone.

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