Scarface – the most famous lion in the world is dead

the most famous lion in the world

Deceased June 11th 2021


Scarface - King of the Masai Mara

The oldest lion in Kenya’s Masai Mara – Scarface – was known for a scar above his eye, which gave him his name and his cult. Now the icon has died of natural causes at the age of 14. The lion had become underweight and sickly in the time before his death. A legend has passed away, but the memories will continue to burn in our hearts.

Scareface was best known for his huge scar over his right eye. He got this scary scar in a turf war with his brothers Morani, Sikio and Hunter when he was just four years old. The brothers made a name for themselves as the “four musketeers” when they invaded and conquered Marsh Pride territory together in 2011.
From then on, he and his brothers were the head of a 1000 square kilometre area, leading a pack of nine females with cubs and a few young males.

As renowned photographer and BBC presenter Jonathan Scott put it: “They were nomads, full of swagger and aggression and pumped full of testosterone. It was almost impossible to tell them apart, except for Scarface, who was immediately noticeable because of his disfiguring wound. At the age of four, they wore shaggy, blonde and ginger manes that would darken and spread with time. We called them the Four Musketeers – Scarface, Morani, Sikio and Hunter.”

Scarface was probably the most famous lion in the world. He had his own Facebook page and starred in several documentaries.

On our Kenya trip in February 2021 we were lucky and honoured to meet Scareface and his brother Morani in person. Scarface was marked by the traces of his long life. You could literally feel his story when he was around – just majestic and magical.

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